Local Cycling Infrastructure

Map to the right features:

  • Currently-built shared use paths

  • Proposed shared use paths

  • Bicycle lanes

  • Suggested neighborhood routes

  • Known hazards for cyclists

  • Location of bicycle racks

  • Location of bicycle shops

If there are any important pieces missing that you are aware of, let us know at cycleclearlake@gmail.com!

Local Cycling Groups and Rides

La Porte Cycling Group

Space City Cycling

  • Group rides on Saturday and Sunday at 7:30am from Bike Barn

    • Separate into multiple groups of varying speeds​

  • See www.spacecitycycling.com for more information

Local Bicycle Shops and Groups

Slow Twitch Niche

Bicycles of South Side 

Bike Barn

Webster Bicycle

Sun and Ski 

A premium mobile bike shop servicing cyclists in the Clear Lake area at their homes or offices from League City to Pearland.